Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blow Me Down Provincial Park

Blow Me Down Provincial Park is located in between Lark Harbour and York Harbour. It offers stunning scenery right on a small peninsula between the harbours and amazing hiking trails. It is a popular place for campers, but it has a small campground feel, with woods separating the sites and facilities.

Possibly the biggest attraction of Blow Me Down Provincial Park is the Governors Staircase. The staircase climbs the side of the mountain in the middle of the park. At the top there is a lookout platform that has 360 degree views for many many miles. You can even see the tablelands of Gros Morne park across the Gulf of Saint Lawrence! My Aunt's father once counted the stairs and reported there to be about 400. Needless to say it is a good workout.
A view of Lark Harbour from the observation platform.

If you want a bit of a longer hike you can continue along the ridge from the viewing platform. This trail will bring you out on the "Tortoise Head", named because if you look at the ridge from the side it looks like a turtle, with a head, shell, and tail. The hike is really great, not too challenging, not too long. An all around goody. It only takes about two to three hours, terrains not too strenuous, just a little steep but not crazy. The view at the end is to die for. Seriously, when I die I hope heaven looks like Newfoundland.
Tortoise Head
This picture was taken from the beach in Lark Harbour by the Coast Guard station. The Tortoise hike is on the ridge in the background. The observation platform is located at the top of the ridge behind the first light pole from the right on the wharf. The Tortoise is the big hump at the end, sadly though, his head got cut off in this picture.

So, I have hundreds of pictures that I wish I could share with you because they are all so beautiful, but alas, that is not possible, so here are a couple more of what the end of the Tortoise looks like.

Make sure you click on these suckers to enlarge them for full viewing pleasure!

The end. If this isn't heaven, I don't know what is.
The end of the line on the Tortoise Head hike.

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